Dubai Legoland

杜拜樂高樂園 , 迪拜主題公園

Experience a full day of fun with unlimited access to all rides and attractions in Dubai Legoland . The whole family can learn to drive, pilot a plane, dive deep under the sea and even sleigh dragons, while enjoying loads of awesome LEGO rides, attractions and live entertainment. 與孩子們一起在迪拜主題公園樂高樂園慶祝並分享您對樂高的熱愛,這是中東地區第一個此類樂園。 全家人一起學習駕駛,開飛機,在海底甚至雪橇龍中潛水,同時享受各種超棒的遊樂設施,景點和現場娛樂表演。