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Mama Travel MaMa 蜜蜜遊 只係一間香港人開嘅旅行社,呢度唔大,正宗係小貓七八隻,因此我地只可以好專心咁做好一兩件小事,希望每一位幫襯過嘅客人都感受到我地嘅努力。我地當然知道你係可以有其他選擇嘅,因此多謝你相信並支持小店!創立MaMa,一直是抱著理想與初衷去面對工作時間超長,每日不斷地改善流程和系統,就只因為有股超乎現實的執著伴隨著喜悅,推動我們毫不疲累地向前走。我知道,MaMa不會成為大品牌,反正沒有這種條件,但願我們能一直向著比較有性格的小品牌目標前進。


travelmama , 蜜蜜遊 , travel agency , travel agent , 香港旅行社 , 自由行套票 , Unit 2101-V02, 21/F Gala Place, 56 Dundas Street, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

About Us , 旅行社 , 香港旅行社 , travelmama , 蜜蜜遊 , 關於我們

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Who We Are?

創辦於2015年的 Travel MaMa 蜜蜜遊,我地係一間本地嘅OTA(Online Travel Agent)。因此你隨時可以係唔同國家嘅旅遊網站,都搵到出自我地手筆嘅旅遊產品。當中我地最重要嘅合作夥伴包括有 TripAdvisor©, Miki Travel Asia, Tickitto, CityLine。

Travel MaMa was founded in 2015, is a Hong Kong OTA (Online Travel Agent). We connect our products and service with numerous global travel partners like TripAdvisor©, Miki Travel Asia, Tickitto and CityLine. There is no easier way to look for us through many of the above channels!

What We Do?

利申,Travel MaMa 蜜蜜遊 只係一間香港人開嘅旅行社,呢度唔大,正宗係小貓七八隻,因此我地只可以好專心咁做好一兩件小事,希望每一位幫襯過嘅客人都感受到我地嘅努力。我地當然知道你係可以有其他選擇嘅,因此多謝你相信並支持小店!

We started our business from scratch with our own hands. We don’t usually dream but when we dream, we dream BIG with the belief to strive and excel. Providing the best service in the industry ever? We dare not say that. However, we give 100% devotion to every customer and deliver our best service that we can offer. And yes, that is where our pride lies.

How Travel MaMa Work?

Creating Travel MaMa has always been driven by our ideals and original intentions, despite long working hours and continuous process and system improvements, all because of an unrealistic persistence accompanied by joy, which has kept us tirelessly pushing forward. I know that Travel MaMa may not become a big brand, as we don't have the necessary conditions, but I hope that we can continue to strive towards the goal of being a more distinctive small brand. Even though we spend almost every day immersing ourselves in a single product for more than ten hours, we no longer have the luxury of a work-life balance. But I have always believed that as long as we find our own field, we can still enjoy the world where life and work cannot be separated.

If you can understand English only, sorry🤣.

Thank you for finding us. You must have put in a lot of effort to locate this webpage. We want you to know that this is a job that constantly keeps us on our toes. Our team may be small, but we have exceptional talent. About 70% of our focus is on administrative work, but despite our busy schedules, we still manage to find joy in life. We often come up with unconventional ideas and hold imaginative events. Even the most mundane tasks can turn into vivid and interesting stories through the creative imaginations of our team members.

Thank you for visiting Travel MaMa 蜜蜜遊. If the world is not as you expected or if you would like to chat with us, please feel free to contact us using the following methods. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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